About Child to Chef

My name is Dwane Butler and I'm the CEO/President of this non profit organization called Child To Chef and I am a head football coach, mentor and a executive chef. I been a chef for 10 years, a youth coach for 7. In the past years, my passion for giving back to our youth is really high. I have sponsored countless youth, picked them up and dropped them off and even fed them. Knowing I have a great skill to teach, motivate, and give back, pushed me to build a nonprofit cooking workshop for the youth ages 6 to 17. With this program, I not only teach these kids a life long skill but develop them into young men and women. Since April 2017 we have had over 100 kids in our workshop and about half were on my catering companies sponsored list. To be able to merge them both together and to get more kids in the program would be great.

After the funds ran out and we let our parents know, we lost some parents due to lack of funding. This past summer alone, we put on 5 car washes on to pay for 9 kids for football. I have put together a full business proposal to run my program, cafe, and give job experience to those who are almost of age to work.

It is a cooking program for the youth ages 6 to 17. 2 hour a class workshop. Its the introductory course to cooking where the kids learn proper sanitary in the kitchen, Safety, While learning healthy fun and creative ways to cook I found my passion! I love to give back and thats what made me build this program.Thanks to Kona Kai coffee in kent wa they have sponsored 5 free successful classes which filled up in 3 days, A total of 60 Kids.

On April 1st 2017, I did my first 2 hour class with twelve (12) children ages 7 to 9 year olds in attendance. We made breakfast sushi, Its a banana based healthy breakfast so easy a 7 year old can do but unique enough for a 17 yr old . The youth of today are the most important people in our society, they deserve to be educated and informed with real life responsibilities with the tools they need for adulthood.

passion to keep them off the streets. Away from drugs, gangs and alcohol. I want to teach them, craftsmanship, working with others, early cooking techniques, and

Personal things like responsibilities and accountabilities, along with the importance of personal hygiene, and in the kitchen, wity kitchen edecacy,and Many more things that they will take with you as they get older. I want toEncourage passion for the youth. Its no different then a kid liking and learning a song, dance, phone, Internet, game system, YouTube. Even sports. The difference is as they grow out of those things and certian things become their normal daily activities they will have a skill that they wont ever not use because everyone has to eat. CEO/Director Dwane Butler .